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Sony WH-CH500 successor coming soon, WH-CH510

A new pair of Sony headphones have passed through the FCC, the WH-CH510.  They appear to have a similar design than the current CH500 so it might just be an update of internal components, mainly to Bluetooth v5.0 I suspect.  Unfortunately there is no mention of BT v5.0 in the documents but judging by the name, 510, and going by the recent fillings for the WI-C200 and WI-C310, the change from WI-C300 to WI-C310 shows an update to the Bluetooth version, so this might be the same case here.

The wireless stereo headset was also approved in South Korea.

I would imagine either an IFA introduction or perhaps just a standalone introduction. Pricing should remain the same as the current model, 59 Euros or $79 USD. If Sony does add Bluetooth v5.0 then an increase in battery life is expected, but remains to be seem by how much.  The headphones have decent reviews on Sony's sites, so any improvements are only a plus.

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