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Sony Introduces WI-C200 and WI-C310 Wireless Headphones

Sony has quietly introduced the new WI-C200 and WI-C310 Wireless In-Ear headphones.  I wrote about the new headphones back in January when they passed through the FCC and an update when they were Bluetooth certified.  I thought the headsets could debut at MWC but that did not occur and Sony just decided to put them up onto the site, around 3-4m after the initial FCC filing.  With no press release, time to go through the product pages to see what the new wireless headphones offer.

The WI-C200/310 are Sony's first affordable Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headsets and first Bluetooth 5.0 headphones period.  Not even the newly announced WH-XB700 offer Bluetooth 5.0 which is a shame.  I suspect we may see more Bluetooth 5.0 headphones from Sony over the summer months and more likely at IFA 2019. 

Back to the WI-C200/310, both offer the same features and specifications, Bluetooth 5.0, USB type-C, up to 15 hours of battery life, one-touch hands free calling, voice assistant compatible and 9mm drivers.  The main differences between the C200 and C310 are colour options, shape of the cable and price.  The WI-C200 only comes in black and matte white and the cable coming off the ear pods is round, unlike the WI-C310 where the entire cable is flat which should help with cable management.

The price in Europe (Germany) is 39.90 Euros for the C200 and 49.90 Euros for the C310, this is 10 Euros less than the outgoing C300 model.  At these prices and features, I feel the C310 is quite a good bargain and deal.  Pricing on the US Sony site is not up but a retailer has the headsets up on their site, C200 at $49.99 USD and C310 at $69.99 USD which a lot more expensive than the C300, at $49.99 USD.

Other features are a quick charge option, where 10 minutes of charging gives 60 minutes of use and the ear buds have built in magnets for easy carrying and storage.  Unfortunately Sony has decided against including NFC on the new models, perhaps the addition of the new Bluetooth 5.0 chip from Reaktek, the 8763B, permits easier and hassle-free connection to other devices.  Remains to be seen.

So comparing to the older C300, you have more battery life, different colour options, USB type-C and 4g more weight, but Sony did remove NFC.  Of course depending on your region, the price is either more (US) or less (EU), but even even at $20 dollars more, the addition of BT 5.0 and up to 15 hours of battery is a nice upgrade.

Currently trying to ID the internal code for these headphones, and looking into 2 codes I found, more of that in a future post.

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