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Guest Artist Samantha Carlton

Announcing the
taught by
Samantha Carlton

Saturday, April 6
9 am to 12 pm


Samantha and I have been talking about an abstract floral class for a while.  We finally settled on a date and here's the scoop!

Spend your Saturday morning with Samantha as we create abstract florals using gel plates and original collage.  If you can tear paper and paste it to a surface, you can take this class!  Experienced creators will totally enjoy this class too!

First we'll create unique collage paper using monoprinting techniques on gel plates.  (Monoprinting is a fancy term for printing one color at a time also known as "one pass" printing).  Next we'll use our original collage paper to shape flowers and leaves.  Finally, we'll compose our very own abstract florals for you to enjoy.

Supplies students need to bring:
  • 20+ sheets of 8.5"x11" papers - any printer paper weight paper you have on hand including but not limited to "trash" papers, book papers, drawing papers, junk mail.  Avoid heavy papers such as scrapbook paper.
  • Acrylic Paint - any color will do, but if you want, stick to natural colors such as greens (leaves and stems), pinks, blues, peaches, yellows (flowers).  You don't have to use traditional/natural colors.
  • Brayer - consider bringing one for paint and one for flattening your collage work.
  • Gel Plate - My Heart's Fancy has at least 10 to share if you don't have one.
  • Scissors - Fussy cut.  
  • Glue stick such as UHU (MHF will provide some to share)
  • Your favorite substrate - Canvas, paper, art journal, Bristol, canvas board, cradle board
  • Black waterproof pen.
  • Texture stamps - your favorite.  MHF will have some to share.
  • Stencils & masks - your favorite - MHF will have some to share.
These items are necessary to accurately follow along, but you should use the products that make you happy.  All items needed can be purchased here at My Heart's Fancy.  Please call the store at 405-509-6788 if you have questions about the supplies. 

ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN!  You may enroll by phone, email, or in person.  Class Fees are due at the time of enrollment.  If you have made a reservation by phone or email, you must make payment within 48 hours to reserve your place in class.  You may pay by cash, check or credit card in the store or by Paypal if unable to come by in person.  

Space is limited so enroll today!  It's going to be fun.

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