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Sony NW-A50 and DMP-Z1 identified as ICX-1291 and ICX-1300 respectively

icx1291 icx1300
Last year I made a post about 2 upcoming media players from Sony that were identified on a Bluetooth certification site, the ICX-1291 and ICX-1300.  Well with Sony finally releasing the online manuals/guides for both the A50 and DMP-Z1, I can finally confirm that the NW-A50 is the ICX-1291 and the DMP-Z1 is the ICX-1300.

The online manuals provide the internal codes names for the devices, specifically the photo file name.  Below are the 2 photos from the manuals, and NW-A50 file name is "icx1291_toppage.png" and the DMP-Z1 file name is "icx1300_toppage.png".


The guides can be found below:

By right clicking on the walkman photos in the guides and viewing the image the file names will appear along with the codes in the file name.  Last year when I discovered the codes I asked someone who claimed was close to Sony about the codes and they said that only the A50 would be introduced and the codes, ICX-1291 and ICX-1300, will be released next year.  They did not say if they meant release for sale or unveiling bu both were on sale in 2018, so again maybe they were wrong.  Regardless, both codes are not identified and this mean no new walkman device for CES 2019 and if the Walkman is update again this year, we would be looking at NW-A60 with the same design as the A50 but perhaps with new internals?  Remains to be seen.

For any of those super audiophiles, you can pick up a DMP-Z1 on Amazon below:


Or for those on a more tight budget, perhaps the new A55? For now only offered from an international seller, since Sony does not sell these on Amazon directly in, US and EU.


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