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Sony CES 2019 Preview

This upcoming Monday, Sony will be holding their CES 2019 press conference.  I would not expect much in the terms of any new Walkmans, if any show up, they might be either just the current A50 and the DMP-Z1, but probably only the DMP-Z1.  Currently only one new pair of headphones passed through the FCC, the WH-XB700.  I was hoping Sony would update their wireless offerings, and include the new Qualcomm chips I wrote about last year but I guess this will be later on in the year, maybe.

The press conference will take place at 17:00 Pacific time on January 7th.  The link to to the live stream can be found -- here.  If that link does not work here is another one.  Time for other regions:
  • 20:00 New York, January 7th
  • 02:00 Paris, January 8th
  • 10:000 Tokyo, January 8th
  • 12:00 Melbourne, January 8th

Perhaps CES will have some surprises from the Audio department but I doubt it, and it seems the show will probably focus on TVs, mid range Xperia's and perhaps audio products other than the Walkman. 


Very little information is provided in the FCC documents.  Sony used to sell an older model the MDR-XB700, so the new model could just be an update of that model with a similar design as the 1000XM3.  The main difference will be that the new model will be wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 at least, since it is sporting LE mode.  I will try to find more information before the show but not expecting much, Sony has tightened down their info.

I am sure Sony will showcase their high end In-ear monitor headphones at the show, Z1R, M9 and M7 and introduce the WF-SP900 to the North American market.  There is also a chance Sony will introduce the WI-C600N wireless headphones which were quietly introduced after not being shown at IFA, I will have a post up about them soon.

So that is all from the audio division I am expecting, perhaps Sony will surprise us and show something new but I am expecting more info in the TV segments, audio systems and Xperia.

Anyways, Happy new year everyone and looking forwards to CES 2019. If anyone has any information or photos of what to expect, please leave a comment below.

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