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Grow Tip - January 2019 - by Ben Horner

Time to Get Growing

Given recent changes in Michigan’s Marijuana policies, there is an increasing number of home growers. While some may already be in the know, there are many first timers and novices to the growing game. It may seem intimidating, but once you are properly prepared with information and physical resources you are on your way!

Grow Novices

Learn the basics, and make sure to log information regarding your grow. A journal composed of past grows can prevent future mistakes, and provide helpful information in recovering from them. It seems a bit old fashioned, but knowledge is power and observation of trial and error will lead to success. Some first grows are perfectly successful, but keep in mind the first time may not be the most immaculate grow.

Being attentive to light, feeding and watering times and climate control are absolutely crucial to the grow process.  For new or old growers gardening is made easier by implementing the use of mechanical timers and smart controllers. These devices measure the variables you have control of in your operation, so pay attention and make necessary changes to continue a consistent and healthy environment for your plants.


For those with an established grow, you know that humidity is key in your climate control. Too much humidity can lead to excessive moisture which increases your chance of molding buds. Plants that develop hard buds are especially susceptible to holding in moisture compared to the more airy and fluffy buds. Lower humidity during the last weeks of your grow will encourage the buds to seal and protect themselves with additional resin (in other words, a sparkling outer layer of THC-heavy trichomes).

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