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Cover Story - Bam-FX: Growth, Yield & Quality - by MM Report Staff


BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc. is a next generation, agricultural biotechnology company offering its patented platform technology product BAM-FX® (Bio Available Minerals-Formula X), which is designed to increase crop yields and quality, while also addressing crop plant mineral deficiencies and environmental stress related challenges. The BAM-FX Plant Mineral Solution, which was originally developed for NASA astronauts to grow robust and nutrient rich food crops in space, now offers substantial agricultural benefits here on Earth. BAM-FX is effective as a stand-alone product and also had synergistic benefits by enabling other treatments and nutritional inputs to perform more efficiently.

BAM-FX is an ionic micronutrient liquid concentrate that allows for the efficient uptake of its mineral and mobilizes other soil micronutrients. It works like a key to unlock a plant's growth and yield potential by enhancing its natural growth processes, which leads to better yield and quality of crops. Field and greenhouse trials have consistently demonstrated significantly greater overall plant growth and vigor response from BAM-FX applications. Robust plants are able to achieve superior growth, yield and quality as well as an enhanced ability to withstand environmental stress.


Increasing regulation and taxation along with decreasing profit margins and pressure to produce a connoisseur level product are common challenges growers are facing in the current market. Growers accustomed to buying top priced products without major impact on profits are now managing their costs down to dollars per acre. Many are looking for a competitive edge through innovation products and practices that can increase their return on investment without compromising product quality.
For an increasing number of growers, BAM-FX gives them the competitive edge they are seeking. BAM-FX trials conducted in Humboldt and Mendocino counties in California and other locations, have consistently demonstrated the product's ability to increase yield and quality, while also lowering the cost and use of other inputs.


Noah Beck, owner of Highwater Farm, a 20,000 sq. ft organic cannabis farm in Humboldt County, CA had this to say in a recent interview after incorporating BAM-FX into his grow program during the last two seasons:

“I added a small amount of BAM-FX (1mL/gallon) at the nursery stage along with my standard nutrient solutions to a few varieties of plants just as the roots began to emerge from the medium. I saw immediate results in terms of stronger root development, including more fine root hairs. After one more application of BAM-FX foliarly (25mL/50 gallons) prior to transplanting to the field, I again saw instant results in terms of color and leaf position. Although no additional BAM-FX was applied during or after the nursery stage, the treated plants experienced almost no transplant shock and were able to immediately begin growing again."

“As the row of BAM-FX treated plants grew and matured after transplanting, it was, as a whole, very uniform and among the top 20% in terms of overall quality, yield, vigor and leaf size as compared to the other rows that were not treated with BAM-FX at the nursery stage. I also noticed that the BAM-FX treated plants showed an increased resistance to gnats and other pests. I will definitely be using BAM-FX in my nursery crops from now on.”

Since BAM-FX is not yet OMRI certified, Mr. Beck's experience with BAM-FX was limited to use only during the nursery stage; however, the effect of just two early treatments were enough to give those young plants a sufficient boost to put them ahead of the rest of the crop for the entire season. Growers in other facilities who are using BAM-FX throughout the entire crop cycle are reporting tighter stacking of flower sites and denser buds.

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