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Grow Tip - December 2018 - by Ben Horner

Everyone Can Grow, So Why Don’t You?!

Starting now everyone can grow marijuana! You cannot sell, but cultivation and gifting is legal, so get your grow on! For beginners we suggest a small grow to learn the basics and develop your techniques.  A grow tent is a good place to start teaching yourself how to control your environment. Local grow store will have everything you need. Here are some important things to consider.

Seeds Versus Clones

Marijuana plants have male and female sexes. The advantage of starting from clone is that you will have a true female if your source can be trusted. If you pop seeds, then you will have to separate and discard the males, unless you want all your females to become seeded. Clones are often contaminated with bugs or mildew, which is almost impossible to get rid of, so starting from seed is safest.


If you are using a grow tent, lower power lighting is preferred. Don’t ever over crowd your plants. Start the budding cycle early, maybe two or three weeks after sprouting or when the plant is approximately 10 inches. LED’s and T5’s are low temp, but they have wild variance on quality and spectrum (Be sure to not skimp and find a good grow store to work with). If you use higher watt convention lighting like medal halide or high pressure sodium (HPS), you will need to air cool the lighting so you don’t overheat your plants.  Remember this: 18 hours of light to veg your plants and 12 hours on for producing buds.

Bells and Whistles

New growers often try to do too much in their first grow. Adding CO2, hydroponics and automatic controller systems are advanced techniques. Sometimes learning to grow without these things is best for a newbie grower.

This is an example of a grow tent set up with all the Bells and Whistles

Grow tents come in various sizes and are a great way to start with a semi sterile environment, like a basement

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