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Free the Weed 94 - by John Sinclair

Congratulations, Dear Readers. We did it! By the time you read this, recreational marijuana use will be legal in the State of Michigan at last, and while that doesn’t insure that everything will be hunky dory for all of us smokers and users, it’s a nice long step down the road from the harassment and persecution we’ve suffered for so long.

To celebrate in an appropriate manner, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the John Sinclair Foundation Café and Coffeeshop will open December 31 at Dr. Bob’s Psychedelic Healing Shack at 18700 Woodward Avenue, corner of Goldengate, Detroit 48203. Telephone: (313) 366-2247.

The Café will be open daily from 2:00 pm until closing, serving coffee, espresso, teas, juices, fresh Dutch Girl donuts and handmade snacks. Hi- speed wi-fi service will be available to all patrons and continuous music will be provided by Radio Free Amsterdam.

The Café will be under the management of Adam Brook for the John Sinclair Foundation and will also present “live” music and poetry events under the supervision of John Sinclair and Matty Lee on a schedule to be announced at the Grand Opening event New Year’s Eve,

I’d like to offer special thanks and appreciation to my old friend Rodriguez, the singer & guitarist sometimes known as “Sugarman,” who’s inspired and encouraged me to undertake this venture in order to provide the people in metropolitan Detroit today with the kind of place like we used to enjoy in the old days with music, poetry, a warm, relaxed atmosphere, coffee and juices, and art, cultural and historic materials displayed on the wall—a place where we can go to be with other people like ourselves in a welcoming environment where we are always made feel at home.

Our first exhibit at the Grand Opening event will be a display of the paintings of Johnny “Bee” Badanjek, drummer with the Detroit Wheels and many subsequent ensembles and a prolific painter in recent years.

We’d like to invite all our friends and neighbors to join us at the Foundation Café for a coffee and a smoke. Bring your devices and relax with us in a creative, supportive atmosphere unlike anywhere else.

And, since I’ve fought about 53 years to legalize marijuana in Michigan, I think I deserve the rest of the month off. Happy New Year’s, everybody!

November 26, 2018

© 2018 John Sinclair. All Rights Reserved.

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