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Cover Story: The Growers' Holiday Wishlist - by Jenny Thornton

Amongst the regular cheer of the Holiday season, Michiganders are also celebrating all of the hard work they did which resulted in the legalization of Recreational Marijuana. This means a lot of big changes for cannabis businesses and consumers alike.

One of the largest changes we can project to see is an influx in home-growers. This is excellent news for garden suppliers all over the State. Getting started may seem daunting; however we have put together a list of supplies that may help you in your beginning stages. For more information on how to obtain materials and information, refer to our directory for a list of trusted sources for all of your growing needs!

Seeds or Clones

While there are debates over which method is better, you get to choose the pros and cons you are working with. Seeds can produce higher yields, but it is a slower process of growing plus the risk of sprouting male plants. Clones are a quicker start and guaranteed female with the caveat of potential disease and pests that may be inherited.

Elev8 Seeds, and Delicious Seeds are excellent sources for seed needs. If you decide to go for clones, check out Great Lakes Clones.


Obviously, lights are imperative to your operation so your plants can carry out photosynthesis. After you calculate the wattage you need to cover your room or tent it is time to decide which lights are best for you and your growing conditions. Opt for HID Grow lights, LED Grow Lights or T5 Grow lights.

For great deals and experienced staff go to Clio Cultivation Center or Local Indoor Garden Stores to light your way to a beautiful crop.

Grow Systems

Obtaining good soil or hydroponics will determine your outcome significantly, so be sure to research which is most suitable for your situation. Soil is more ideal for the new grower and is easier to manage; however it takes more time from start to harvest and more difficult to resolve nutrient issues. Hydroponic systems ensure your plants are receiving all the nutrients they require, but this method is prone to over-feeding and root-rot.

Bay City Hydroponics or Smokin' Tomatoes can provide reliable grow mediums, as well as advise and provide nutrients.

Environment Control

To prevent stale air that impairs your plants ability to grow, make sure you have proper ventilation, air extraction and fans on deck. High output exhaust and intake fans are a necessity, as constant and fresh air flow promote strong stems and leaves while preventing mold and mildew growth. Air extractors help regulate heat and CO2 emissions, and using a carbon air filter for outgoing air will provide odor control.

Controlling your temperature and humidity are other key factors to consider. These can be monitored and controlled with thermometers and hydrometers. Mechanical Timers and Smart controllers can help manage and monitor the process. It is very important to be attentive to light, feeding and watering times. On top of these having a Ph and PPM meter should be on your list of supplies to keep plants healthy and stable.

The aforementioned grow shops and garden supplies can get you set up with all of these items. Please see our directory as well for even more resourses.

This list provides a basic scope of necessary components for growing. These are not hard scientific rules for a set up, but simply a guideline for getting started. If you ever have questions or concerns about your operation, please contact a professional service or experienced friend. Write into MM Report, and tell us what your favorite products and places to obtain them are. Happy Holidays and Harvesting!!

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