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Cannibals of Freedom: Knowing Politicians is Knowing the Future - by Daniel Price

As you all know Michigan joined many states in legalizing marijuana for recreational use.  Merry Christmas!  Light em if ya got em!

But what about the federal law?  Well, in May of this year police, and federal agents raided a marijuana grow in downtown Detroit.  The grower’s attorney insisted it was a legal grow.  Perhaps.  But what matters is that marijuana is still “the Devil’s Weed” under federal law.   Why else do you think the feds were involved?!?!

Relief may be at hand.  I’ll explain.  The single number one thing politicians want is power over people.  However, at least for now, in America to get that power you either have to promise voters to take something from others to give to them, or give some privileges in exchange for their freedom.
So how does this apply?  Our former president, a seemingly pro-marijuana liberal Barack Obama talked a good game, but failed to deliver the weed.  President Donald Trump, with a history of supporting marijuana legalization going back to 1990, replaced Obama.  However, looking to the White House in June of 2015, Trump was against it.  I assert Trump needed the money and support of law enforcement to get the presidency.  This is why he is a “law and order” president.  Yet, later Trump became neutral on the issue in October of 2015.  I believe this appeased law enforcement and  the voters who wanted legalization, since he would not come out against marijuana.

Post the presidential election President Donald Trump appointed an anti-marijuana Attorney General, Jeffery Beauregard Sessions, III.  (Ya just gotta smirk at the name.)  Sessions was and is against marijuana.  Some of his remarks about marijuana include: “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”; and he once said about the Ku Klux Klan, “I thought those guys were okay until I learned they smoked pot.”  Session then began a crackdown on marijuana at the federal level.  Perhaps the appointment was a favor to law enforcement?  Still this began Trumps road to the 2020 election. Wait for it!

The legalization of marijuana is completely political at all levels of government.  It’s all about money and votes to parasites in order to gain power.  Once a person comes to understand these parasites do not give a damn about us, but only about gaining power over us, it’s easy to see the future.  So far as it pertains to marijuana, I explained the following to a couple friends prior to the elections of 2018.  In my eyes Trump showed that he is truly a political master.  In promising to appoint Sessions as Attorney General, Trump whipped up support from law enforcement for the 2016 presidential election.  He knew, as well as anyone, that once in office, he would need more to stay. You see, law enforcement will still support Trump for 2020 previously because he appointed Sessions, now because Trump’s pro-police rhetoric is clear.  Indeed, in October 2018, Trump stated that the Democrats are anti-police at the Police Chiefs Association in Orlando Florida.

At the same time, I explained that Trump would fire Sessions within days of the elections in November.  Wow, I had no idea it would be the next day!!!  I also explained to those friends what would happen next.  You see, the firing of Sessions is reported to be about the Russia investigation. Please!?  It’s political cover widely known as, “the Texas Two Step”.  He knew that historically the Democrats would win the US House of Representatives in 2016.  They did.  Moreover, they, like Republicans, crave power.

Now this is the future of the next two years.  There will be a fight between the Democrats and Trump, both falling over each other to take credit for legalizing marijuana, or at least take it off the Schedule 1 drug list, at the federal level.  I think Trump will win this fight. Trump appointed an interim attorney general that is favorable to legalizing marijuana to further prospects to stay in office beyond 2020.  That’s the real reason the democrats are so angry at this appointment.  It’s my belief that Sessions was a ruse that would serve two purposes: First, to get law enforcement to back him in 2016; and Second, to get more of the people that desire legalization to vote for him in 2020.
Therefore, I predict that within the next 18 months marijuana will be legalized, or taken off the federal schedule 1 drug list.

If I am wrong, then I am wrong.  But I don’t think so.  Mind you, till then, you are still subject to criminal sanctions for growing, selling, and using marijuana, just like those poor bastards in the Detroit raid.  One more thing.  If you have a medical marijuana card, keep it!  Those with these cards are more protected from prosecution than those without them.  I know.  But trust me.

Till next year, as always, keep rolling on.

Disclaimer: This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice. If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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