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Cover Story: iKrusher - Vape. Technology. Performance.

Introducing iKrusher: A brand established in 2017 that defines themselves as a mother brand for all oil and herb vape technology! Following their motto, “Vape Different.”, their products’ stylish, simple, and clean presentation is reminiscent of a piece of high-end technology. iKrusher is a specialized brand in the e-cigarette hardware department, with products designed by a team of highly trained engineers to detail the finer elements of the hardware, taking the most pride in their technological and design advances. iKrusher is establishing branding, so that the public not only will know their products but will connect with their brand identity. They intend to Krush the vape game- literally. Check out the entire iKrusher line at

(4) Cartridges

AC1003 ‘Horizontal Solid Rod Ceramic’ This cartridge has direct contact technology (oil to ceramic), with bottom air flow, and a glass tank with a solid ceramic coil

AC1007 ‘Horizontal Pancake Ceramic’ This cartridge uses non-woven fiber to stop oil from leaking, has 5 10.0mm holes, a white ceramic tip, with bottom air flow, a patented multi-vertical hole design, and a vertical ceramic tip with a glass tank.

AC1013 ‘Horizontal Pancake Ceramic’ This cartridge is dual post, uses top air flow, cup design, 100% leak-proof with pancake ceramic technology, with 8 1.0mm holes, and a glass tank with a vertical ceramic coil.

AC1014 ‘Vertical Cylinder Ceramic’ This cartridge uses vertical cylinder ceramic technology, with nickel wire inside to heat the ceramic, non-woven fiber to prevent leakage, with bottom air flow, and a classical flat tip glass tank design

(3) Pod SystemsV FIRE  This 500mAh battery, one-time use cartridge pod system has a unique exterior design that is pocket friendly size, has a magnetic connector between cartridge and battery and a magnetic charging port, with a ceramic heating coil, a built-in high rate battery for your constant daily use, and an internal temperature control.

Named after its unique shape, this 520 mAh battery, dual-tank technology Pod System Vaporizer features a ceramic coil with top airflow, a dual air tunnel, no leakage, and comes in 3 Colors: Green, Black, or Yellow.

This 380 mAh battery, uniquely designed vape pen contains a simple utility pod system and stainless steel housing that features a ceramic coil with top airflow, a dual air tunnel, no leakage, and comes in 4 Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, and White.

(1) Disposable Pen 

JH10512 This 400mAh battery, Vertical Cylinder technology provides a cost-effective Disposable Vape Pen that offers 350-400 puffs per pen. It has a ceramic base, bottom air flow, 2.0mm holes, uses non-woven fiber to prevent leakage, and comes in 2 Colors: Silver or White

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