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Cannibals of Freedom - Remember, Remember! The 6th of November - By Daniel L. Price Esq.

On November 6th, an initiative to legalize marijuana for recreational use is on the Michigan ballot.  Essentially, if passed by the voters, anyone over 21 years old will be able to grow up to 12 plants and possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, without fear of prosecution.  A win for marijuana users and the right to self-determination?  Perhaps.

If passed, thousands of Michigan law enforcement agencies will experience huge dollar losses.  In Kent County alone, the total expected costs for its narcotics team, KNET was estimated to be $542,238 for 2015.  Yet, the county would only pay $26,274 for those costs.  It’s important to understand the budget is prepared a year in advance.  Kent County set in place a quota system to make up the $418,258 difference. In other words, KNET’s budget “required” KNET to make arrests and take property to raise approximately 95.4% of its budget.  Now, if we are talking nearly ½ million for one drug enforcement team, we are likely talking BILLIONS in losses for all enforcement agencies throughout Michigan. 

Is it surprising that law enforcement agencies are worried about legalizing marijuana?  They talk about harm to kids and increasing crime to gin up fear.  But make no mistake, it’s “all about the Benjamins”!  After decades of the trillion dollar war on drugs (freedom), marijuana is no less available than it was when the parasites made it illegal.  But worse, it cost an untold number of broken lives and families, and severe harm to children.

The things that did change as a result of the drug laws (war on freedom), include a dramatic increase in money taken from citizens to feed parasites in government.  Another change was the increase of government’s power over the individual.  Yet another was that enforcement of drug laws harmed the life, liberty and property of those who use marijuana.  But more, it steals income and freedom from those who do not use marijuana in order to feed government parasites.  Violent crime also increased by the government created violent gangs and drug cartels who also steal from, rape, and murder adults and children.

But who’s the big winners if recreational marijuana is approved by voters?  All those hoping to “cash in” and make substantial government granted monopoly profits.  This includes all those who positioned themselves to obtain permission to grow, harvest, process, and sell marijuana under the new law.  Even more, this is at the expense of those to be excluded from the market by government regulation.  Government parasites are winners too, because the law requires a 10% excise sales tax, licensing fees, and other added costs that YOU will be “forced” to pay.  And, of course, law enforcement wins too!

I can hear people say, “What do I care?  At least I won’t have to fear prosecution”. Think again!  Here’s the government’s playbook.  Goal: Increase size of government to increase control over individuals.  Feed people propaganda about a group or product (marijuana), to instill fear to get them to demand action.  A simple majority of people vote for or accept laws making the product illegal, requiring growth at all levels of government.  More laws are then enacted to allow the taking of money and property from those convicted of crimes under those laws.  When enough people begin to realize that their freedom is being denied, and/or get tired of the devastation created by those laws, they begin to speak out.  Government continues the propaganda and gets people to believe they can have the “privilege” of doing that which they have a right to do.  But first they get you to beg to be taxed in ever increasing amounts to keep the Benjamins flowing to parasites in government.  Government being many steps ahead, creates a system to take DNA samples on highways to bust people for driving while impaired by “legal” marijuana.  They also make it a crime to refuse to give up your DNA without a warrant.  The money lost in enforcement of the war on freedom continues to flow to government, because “stoned” driving arrests will skyrocket.  Of course, it’s not because more people will drive with THC in their bodies, but because of law enforcement’s increased focus on marijuana arrests.  Never mind that there’s no legitimate test to determine if someone is impaired by marijuana, or that countless law enforcement personnel will commit fraud and perjury to get those arrests.  The goal is achieved.

I write this poem in honor of Guy Fawkes: Remember, Remember! The 6th of November, the treason to reason, freedom and pot.  By false claim of harm, to increase control over the lot; Parasitic privilege instead of freedom, of which many are mindful of not.  For this I know of no reason why this treason should ever be forgot! 
(Original poem by Guy Fawkes the 5th of Nov.)

Adieu for now.
& of course, till next month, as always, keep rolling on.
Disclaimer:  This is an informational article only.  It is not to provide individual legal advice.  If you need legal services, feel free to contact me, or any attorney of your choosing.

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