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What is the Sony ICX-1291 and ICX-1300?

While browsing the Bluetooth cert pages for info on the new WH-1000M3, I ran into these 2 new portable audio player models. There appears to be 2 different models, the ICX-1291 and ICX-1300.  So what could these be?  At this moment in time I do not have that information but a guess is that one of those is the new NW-A50 walkman series and the other could be another high end model above the NW-A50.

While I have no hard evidence that one of those is the A50, we can go back to older models from the BT certs to see what they codes they had, if any.

NW-WS620 - ICX-1282

NWZ-A10/NW-A10 - ICX-1263

I do not have any others since this is all that was posted on the cert site.  When comparing the BT cert and FCC certs, the ICX-1291 seems to match up with the NW-A50 certification (May 17 2018).  But then there does not seem to be any audio products certified on the FCC around the 22nd of February, so perhaps again maybe this other audio player will be certified later on? Who knows, a mystery for now.

There are a few more extra models with strange names on the cert as well.

BENTEN-APF-6625-BT_SRC_NoBLE - 2018-03-11

BENTEN_WSP_NoHFBLE - 2018-05-31

BENTEN_WSP_HF_NoBLE  - 2018-03-11

What these is unknown and only Sony knows what the codes mean.  One is certified from early March 2018 and could be this ICX-1300 model, and the other from late May, A50 perhaps.  One theory is that the BLE is Bluetooth low energy and one or two models are missing it (NoBLE) and the other, A50 perhaps has BLE.  Of course this could all be wrong.  Finally the 6625 could be for the Mediatek MT6625ln chip?  This is probably very likely, the A40 and I suspect A30, used this same chip. See below.

All speculation, so here is hoping more information appears on the FCC or the BT cert site before IFA.

As always, if anyone has any information, please contact me using the contact page or leave a comment.

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