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Cannibals of Freedom: Medical Cannabis Meets Peace and Liberty - by Daniel L. Price, Esq.

I decided to kick off summer by spending time with many individuals, who associate and refer to themselves as The Michigan Peace and Liberty Festival, at their annual event.  This event began with a few liberty minded friends who wanted to gather once a year in a family friendly camping area and discuss freedom and how ours is diminishing.  It morphed in to a pretty big gathering in 6 short years, bringing in over 120 people, many from all over Michigan, other states, and other countries.  I was impressed by many of the individuals I encountered. I was also happy that people from all walks of life and races were in attendance, after all, liberty is for everyone regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

I reserved a spot early for a 2 night stay in a rustic cabin and gave a presentation on the history of the struggle between freedom, and servitude.  I also explained Parasitic Anthropophagy Syndrome (PASY): That is that when one acts to take the freedom of others, that person is also working to destroy their own freedom.  Further, that PASY is the cause of people demanding the denial of the life, liberty and/or property of others.  Moreover, how this leads to a country of individuals working to take each other’s freedom by force through legislation and regulation, like in our state and country.  I mean, seriously, if you cannot smoke a plant, sell lemonade, build a barn, have your friend’s boat at your dock overnight, or earn a living without paying for the permission to do so from a parasitic government, you ARE NOT FREE! 

Generally, the individuals in attendance were positive to the presentation.  I received several compliments and some thanked me.  One dear lady asked if I had written a book on the subject so she could learn more.  However, as always, there was one individual who was hostile to the presentation.  Indeed, instead of making his comments publicly for all to hear, he approached me while alone after I finished.  He then began to tell me I was wrong on several key points (without any evidence of course), called me a liar, and attempted to tell me what to think, presumably because it would be more acceptable to him.  It was at that point that I ended the conversation and walked away, as he had just provided living proof as to how PASY works and there could be no further discussion. 

Think about it, at a “peace and liberty” festival an individual exercised PASY by attempting to live through me by controlling me through verbal intimidation (indirect force), thereby satisfying his desire to force me to agree with his “beliefs”.  I do not care if someone disagrees with me, because I know the facts I state with absolute certainty.  After all, the works I cited, logic and several thousand years of human servitude provide ample evidence to support the facts I presented.  What is important to note is that a person who allegedly supports liberty is more than willing to deny me the liberty to think and speak my thoughts.  The person is confused as to the true meaning and costs of liberty, which are:  One must accept that others may disagree, and that in a truly free society, force, whether direct or indirect, can only be used to defend the life, liberty and property of those within that society, and can never be used to make others satisfy your desires, wishes, or beliefs, regardless of what those may be or how they may be justified. 

For my part I do not judge “groups”, as a group does not breath, think, or act, only individuals do these things.  Nor I will not allow another to intimidate me or tell me what to think.  I can say the majority of individuals at the festival are peace loving, tolerant people who truly wish to be free and understand that force should be used only to protect life, liberty and property.  The night time activities around the campfire, socializing, and trading values for values without interference from parasitic government officials was great.  Also, the presentations ranged from freedom, America’s failed foreign policy, unschooling, and even aerial yoga was taught and practiced.  The one thing that I liked most is that its held at a private camping area.  After all, it is all about peace and liberty, not government permits and permission.  I will attend the Michigan Peace and Liberty Festival again next year, and hopefully the individuals on the board will once again grant me the honor of speaking. 

If you’ve never heard of this festival, check it out because it’s a great way to socialize with other liberty minded people in a family friendly setting, and you will have a great time.  If you have questions direct them to:

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