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Sony should be debuting a new NC Wireles headset at IFA 2018

IFA is still a few months away but another device destined for the trade show has shown up on the FCC. The documents do not reveal much unfortunately but we are looking at another wireless stereo headset from Sony with Noise Cancellation, the WI-C600N.

The device will feature bluetooth, version should be at least 4.1 or even 4.2, doubt Sony would use 5.0 on such a device but it might happen.  The design looks to be similar to the current crop of Sony wireless headphones which hand around the neck and in ear buds attach to the body, similar to the WI-1000X, WI-H700 and WI-C400.  It should have NFC but the logo is absent from the drawing so it could be on the other side.


The left side appears to have the volume and play controls while right side will feature the NC switch.  I was skeptical if Sony needed another wireless headset but the price gap between the C400 and H700 is around 110 Euros which is quite a bit.  So we could be looking at a price range of 99 euros to 129 euros if you ask me. The NC/Ambient function should work the same as in the WH-1000MK2.

Battery life hopefully will be on par with the C400, 20 hours if not then at least better than the H700's 8 hours but then the H700 does feature Hi resolution audio and LDAC, both lacking in the C400.  While unlikely, it would be great for Sony to start using those new super low power chips for BT but doubtful in this price range.

Colours options could follow the new NW-A50 walkman lineup choices or go for something else, be it black and white or some other random colours.  That's it for now, if anyone has any information about this headset be it photos or specs, please contact me.


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