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New Sony NW-A50 Walkman to debut this fall at IFA

A new A-Series Walkman has appeared on the FCC, the NW-A50 and it is great to see Sony not giving up on the Walkman lineup.  But one way Sony saves money is by having the same design for 2 walkman generations and this being the 5th gen, the A50 is likely receive a design change.

The new taller design is evident from the FCC photos, mimicking the design of the ZX300.  Rumoured dimensions are a height of 100mm by 55.8 mm wide.  This would make the A50 slightly taller than the current A40 but not as wide.

The capacity will once again be determined which region the device is sold, 16, 32 and 64GB will be on offer. If the ZX300 is not discontinued, then I suspect the EU and North America will only receive the 16GB model, while the 32 and 64GB models will probably be sold only in the Asia region.  EU would once again receive a 16GB model with headphones and without headphones.

Battery capacity remains at 3.7V, so I would not expect any major jump in battery life, perhaps a few more hours due to newer less power hungry components.  Bluetooth is a slight mystery, LE present as previously so if this means the standard v4.2 or Sony upgrading to v5.0.

I am not sure if Sony will add BT  5.0 but I feel Sony will stick to 4.2 LE due to cost reasons.  Although, digging through the A40 FCC docs shows the  MT6625LN for the bluetooth module and from what I can find, it did not come with BT 4.2 but 4.1 LE.  The Amazon Echo uses the same chip and that also had BT 4.1 LE and not 4.2.  So I do wonder how the A40 could have BT 4.2 when the chip it uses only supports up to 4.1, unless Mediatek has a version of the MT6625LN with BT 4.2 on board.  It is interesting to note that the Mediatek chip does support Wifi, so I wonder if Sony would ever release a new A-Series with Wifi support.  If anyone knows anymore please leave a comment.


It is interesting to note that this new A50 has appeared a full 2 months on the FCC versus the A40 (July 7th) so perhaps this is a sign that either more Walkmans will appear later (June/July) on the FCC and/or that the A50 will go on sale much earlier than the A40.  As for a second interesting note, the ZX300 appeared at the end of July on the FCC, so perhaps any ZX300 successor can still appear.

More details as I receive them or find anything else but for now so far only one new Walkman for IFA, but I suspect something else could appear in the next few weeks or months on the FCC.


You can contact with any more details using the info on the contact page. Thanks.

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