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Sony to introduce new Wireless Stereo Headset (WI-C400) (Update)

Sony is set to introduce a new wireless stereo headset in the near future.  Little information exists about this model, labelled as WI-C400, but it will feature bluetooth and NFC.  The bluetooth version is not specified in the FCC documents, so hopefully it will be at least version 3.0 if not 4.0.

If we go back to CES 2017 this year, Sony introduced 2 wireless headphone prototypes during the show but did not offer any hands on for any website and both devices were behind glass at the show.  During the CES press conference, Kaz mentioned both the devices feature built in noise cancellation but I do not see any mention of NFC in the FCC documents.  If the device featured NC, I feel it would be mentioned in the item description in the paperwork as with previous Sony headphones with NC.

For anyone with does not remember the two prototypes from CES this year here is a quick reminder.  If the new WI-C400 are not the headphones from CES, then perhaps the prototypes will come later thus year, either in the summer or during IFA in the fall.  That being said, the confidentiality on the FCC documents runs out in late June, so any press information about the product could show up shortly.


A new wireless device has appeared on the Indonesian certification site, WH-H900N.  It was registered on the 8th of May.  If this is one of the 2 devices previewed below, then hopefully they will appear on the FCC shortly and we should know a bit more about them.

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(via Engadget)

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