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My Heart's Fancy

Some time ago I thought it a good idea to put My Heart's Fancy on Pinterest.  Seemed like a good idea and actually, I'm pretty sure it's working out well.  I pin new ideas every now and then....  many things I pin I think are great art ideas and there are some boards devoted to our favorite guest artists.  

TODAY I started a brand new board!  Can you guess what it is?  No?  Well, it's a board that has ideas for something coming up.  AND I thought I'd tease you just a bit.....  Here is a link to the My Heart's Fancy Pinterest page.  Have a look around and if you think you know which board is new, leave a comment about WHY you think I started it.  Don't tell what the board is called.....  just why you think I have decided to start it.  I will use the random integer generator to choose one comment.  The winner will receive an item related to the board valued at $9.50.  Remember.... do not name the board.  Tell me why I started this board.  DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS DEMO DAY (this Saturday, June 21st).

That's it for now!  Until next post..... Happy Creatin'!

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