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Dina Wakley

Enrollment is NOW Open 

That's right!  You can sign up for Dina's classes now!  But first, you'll need to make your choices.  Here's what Dina has planned for you at My Heart's Fancy on May 10th and 11th....

Graffiti of My Life
Friday, May 10 - 9 am to 12 pm

Come and make a small themed journal based on Dina's popular "Graffiti of My Life" class.  Your personal graffiti is the words, quotes, song lyrics, etc. that are meaningful to you.  You'll make free-flowing backgrounds, tipped-in inclusions, and confined collages to decorate your journal.

Layers of Life
Friday, May 10th - 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Join Dina for a layering exploration.  You will create a unique hand-bound journal that is layered with art and meaning.  The binding is similar to a Jacob's Ladder.  Get ready to sketch, scrape, ink, scribble, paint, wash, print, and rub.  You will learn how to control layers, push them, and celebrate them! You'll use paper, cardboard, and other substrates to make your journals pulse with artistic coolness.

Facing the Facts
Saturday, May 11 - 9 am to 12 pm

Dina says she doesn't know how to draw, but she has taught herself how to draw faces.  Guess what, you can draw faces, too!  She will teach you how to draw a face with easy tips and tricks.  You'll use the "magic pencil" to make your faces look artsy and interesting.  She'll show you how to paint the faces with artistic, fun colors.  Even if you can't draw, you can learn to draw faces.  We promise!

The Joy of Silhouettes
Saturday, May 11 - 1 pm to 4 pm

Dina loves a good silhouette.  The human form has so much meaning and expression!  In this class we'll play with and explore silhouettes.  She'll show you several techniques for creating silhouettes with success, and you will layer your silhouettes with paints and inks and words and textures.

Enrollment  Information

You can enroll by calling the store (405-509-6788) or emailing me (  I will send a PayPal invoice within 2 days.  As soon as your payment has been made, your enrollment will be guaranteed.

Fun  Fun  Fun

Dina brings a relaxed style to the classroom.  She is fun, witty and a genuine joy to be around.  I know you will totally enjoy taking one or all of these classes so don't be shy....  enroll today!

That's it for now.....  Until next post..... Happy Creatin'!

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